James Monroe jersey city | Downtown jersey city condos

by Linden Moe on June 7, 2010

James Monroe jersey city                  

  james Monroe Jersey City Located in the Newport Pavonia section of Jersey city.

Never before has a statement been more true than location, location, location. The James monroe Condos are Situated mere minutes away from the newport pavonia path. If you are a nyc commuter ,this could not be a better location.

You could probably be at work in 20 mins or less. 5 minutes walk 2 path , 7 minutes train ride to nyc. James monroe is a true waterfront building and a quick swim across the hudson :-)

 Downtown Jersey City Condos And James Monroe Reviews

Well lets get right to the truth, the James Monroe Condos is over 20 years old. Although it has held up well it has had its share of issus with maintenance in the past. Its location and affordability being its strong points and a nice newly renovated lobby.

The James Monroe is looking to remain a viable Downtown Jersey City condos Building. And as far as affordability and location they are hard to beat for luxury waterfront buyers on a budget.

 James Monroe Condos And Amenities at James Monroe jersey city .

Location: 45 river drive south, Jersey City  nj short walk to Newport/Pavonia Path James Monroe Amenities:

 James Monroe has 24 Hour Concierge And Doorman in fact its location is its amenities with all the hudson county waterfront

location  offers. Such as a ice skating rink, fitness center, grocery stores ,starbucks and more,. All within a short walk to the

building itself.

 James Monroe prices: Because the Market changes right Now Ask us about James Monroe Prices.

Starting Price 300′s for 1 bedroom 400′s for 2 bedroom

All in all James monroe Jersey city is not a bad bargain to be picked up in this tough economic times. Newport Pavonia renters still love the building and location downtown Jersey city.

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The James Monroe

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