The Portofino Jersey City

by Linden Moe on June 8, 2010


The portofino jersey city


The Portofino Jersey City Located 65 second st jersey city nj. Right on the waterfront

The portofino And Downtown Jersey City Condos Reviews


So lets get right to this review of the portofino jersey city  , first lets be clear the location of this building is pretty awesome stacked up to other downtown jersey city condos. I mean it has some serios prestige neighborhoods.

Located next to Mandalay on the hudson, the a building, Crystal point condos, trump towers, this building is a true waterfront building.

Yes its a lil older than its downtown jersey city condos neighbos, but its  also mch much more affordable as well. The portofino condos building recently had a 2 bed 2 bath for $570,000. This is about 300k less than its crystal point condos neighbor  across from the portofino jersey city.

Combine that with the fact the Athena sells for about 100k more.

 This makes the portofino condos a great affordable choive if you are looking at Downtown jersey City condos.

portofino Condos And Amenities at  jersey city

So lets get into the amenities at  Condos…..

the portofino jersey city  boast 24 hour concierge services

the portofino jersey city has a beatiful outdoor garden

the portofino jersey city Has spectacular NYC views

the portofino jersey city has A state of the art fitness center

short walk to newport path or the exchange place PATH.

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portofino Jersey city.

portofino Amenities:

portofino has 24 Hour Concierge And Doorman

portofino prices: Because the Market changes right Now Ask us about portofino Prices.

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Or you can view videos of Portofino Condos and other downtown jersey city condos here on our blog at

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The portofino jersey city

The portofino jersey city

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