Mandalay On The Hudson Condos

by Linden Moe on February 2, 2012

Mandalay On The Hudson


mandalay on the hudson

mandalay on the hudson


Mandalay On The Hudson jersey city condos at 20 2nd st


Mandalay On the Hudson Reviews

Mandalay on the hudson is one of downtown jersey city premiere waterfront condo buildings. With amazing views of the nyc skyline. Its location is right on the waterfront at 20  2nd street.

The Mandalay on the hudson condos building is a commuters dream , minutes from the exchange place path, grove st path and Newport pavonia path. Located in the powerhouse arts district.. This Amazing building is on a quiet tree lined street in an upscale professional neighborhood.

Mandalay On the hudson Amenities to enjoy

The Mandalay on the Hudson building itself has a 24 hour concierge service that can pretty much do anything for you. Need a cab? No problem, need some food ordered, problem.. Need some packages delivered no problem.

Also check out the olympic sized swimming pool at the building with views of the water and Manhattan..In the summer you can come home from work and enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, and also have friends over to enjoy the scene and have a bbq.

Also located in Mandalay on the Hudson is a exercise center where you can go to get your work out on , including weights,m treadmills, bowflex machines and more. whether its after work or early in the morning you can enjoy having this fitness denter right there at Mandalay on the Hudson.

There is also a residents lounge you can use at your convenience to just hang out with neighbors or rent out for friends and family,,.it has a billiards table, ping pong table, private bar, and floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the Mandalay on the Hudson panoramic waterfront views.

Mandalay on the hudson residences

Lets talk about the residences in the building.. Imagine you come home from a hard days work..Get greeted cheerfully bu your favorite doorman. Yes you are finally home, you go up to your unit. You decide to open a glass of wine and go out on your watch the sun glisten off the water and watch the boats go buy..

Can you feel the sun embrace you with warmth and you enjoy all the scenery of manhattan..without all the noise polution of NYC. All of this and more is to be had at the Mandalay on the hudson condos.

As one of the older buildings it has to also become one of the most affordable luxury building that downtown jersey city has to offer. With a great commute, beautiful waterfront location and more. The  Mandalay on the Hudson is fha approved and still enjoys quite a healthy demand

Some of the Mandalay on the Hudson  units are still in original condition which includes formica countertops and white carpets,. However many residents have made thier unit into a masterpiece with beatiful hardwood floors, all new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and more.

Mandalay on the Hudson Downtown Jersey City Condos Tours?

When choosing downtown a jersey city condos building , you might want to keep mandalay on the hudson in mind..from the beautiful views, to the commuters dream location to the amenities, and walking distance to all shops and restaurants. It might be built just for you.

If you would like more information on downtown jersey city condos and mandalay on the hudson..would love to give you a tour.

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