Downtown Jersey City Condos Tax Assessments

by Linden Moe on February 2, 2012

Downtown Jersey City Condos Tax assessments Coming


and Tax Deductions For Downtown Jersey City Condos Owners

Downtown Jersey City Condos Tax assesment

Downtown jersey city Condos Tax assesment

Downtown Jersey City Condos are About to Be reassed by the jersey city tax assessors office..

Uh-Oh the tax man Cometh..

What does this mean for downtown jersey city condos owners..?

You may be facing a tax increase by the jersey city tax assessors office..Do not assume
that because jersey city property values are down, that your taxes will go down.

In fact law of averages say they might be going up..Lets talk about some things that you can do to protect yourself.

1. Get an Appraisal or a licensed realtor- Certified Real estate Expert to evaluate the current market value of your downtown jersey city condos..immediately.
two lines of thought here .A) you can hire an appraiser B) Get a knowledgeable local realtor to come out and do a full blown Comparable market analysis.

Some tips.. Make sure they are comparing apples to apples ..what sold in the last six months same size ..same size similar location to the downtown jersey city condos that match yours. For instance if you own a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom , 1500 square foot condo. Then you want to know what 2 bedroom 2 bath similar square footage downtown jersey city condos SOLD for in the last 90-180 days.

2) Downtown jersey city condos -Jersey City Tax Attorneys,, get one.period.
You can fight city hall by yourself armed with an appraisal and/ or the comparable you are given by a knowledgeable jersey city realtor. However its far better to have that plus
have a knowledgeable jersey city tax attorney on your side.

When it comes to downtown jersey city condo owners I really wouldn’t try fighting city hall without one. Most good downtown jersey city tax attorneys..Will start the process or paperwork for just the fee it cost to file. Others will charge you a $500 fee. Up front whether it goes through or not.

Likely No  Downtown jersey city Condos will be safe from this jersey city tax assessment.


.so start taking action today to prepare yourself. The only downtown jersey city condos that will be safe.. will be those in tax abatement buildings. Even then you still want to know whats going on.

Downtown Jersey City Condos will be reissued the only thing you want to figure out..will be what you can do to protect yourself. If you want to do it yourself we have published a book the insider guide to Tax appeals which you can download for free.

Right here on this site.. If you are looking to get a downtown jersey city condos home evaluations we can give you one with no cost or obligation. Call Linden Moe 201-839-4927 for your hassle free pressure free home evaluation.

We work with a tax attorney that can advise you on filing downtown Jersey city condos tax appeals


Overview On Current Tax deductions for downtown Jersey City Condos…

1-any mortgage points

2-real estate taxes

3. the interest on the loan

Your Biggest Deduction – Interest

Click on the link below to Download the Insider Guide To Property Tax Appeals Right Now..

And start protecting the taxes of Downtown jersey city condos..

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