Hudson County Real Estate Marketwatch

by Linden Moe on March 4, 2012

Hudson County Real Estate Market Overview

Hudson County Real Estate Market Overview

Hey real estate fans heres the Hudson county Real Estate market Overview For last 60 days


A couple of Interesting things to note about the Hudson County Real Estate Market is Hudson County Real Estate Market Overview

There are currently a whopping 1,378 Hudson County Real Estate Properties

Under Contract.

There were 239 Hudson County Properties Sold In the Last 30 Days..

There Were 997 New Properties that came on the Market in the last 30 Days

Some interesting things to take note of In Hudson County real Estate Market..

Condos Outsell everything..

With The next being Multi-family

And Then Single Family


Making the Hudson County Market Very Unique..

The Average Pricing On Condos is Above 400k While the average asking price on single family homes are right around 300k.


Should be an interesting coming month in the Hudson County real Estate Market and We will be closely following the data to see the pricing trends


Here the Round Out Of the Top 5 Hudson County Condo Markets

1. 133 Hoboken Condos Under Contract

2. 110 Downtown Jersey City Condos Under Contract

3. 44 North Bergen Condos Under Contract

4. 30 Union City Condos Under Contract

5. 24 West New York Condos Under Contract


Looking at the Above numbers Hoboken Remain the strongest in Demand Market with Downtown Jersey City Coming up pretty close behind them.

With the Warmer months coming and March being the official kick off of real estate we expect demand to rise while supply to stay consistent.


There are just fewer sellers willing to sell..and waiting out hopes that pricing will rise over the next 90 days. Looking at the above data..

Click Below to see The Downtown Jersey City Real Estate Market Watch

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Click Below to see  Union City Real Estate Market Watch

Click Below To see The West New York Nj Real Estate Market Watch


It surely has been a tough winter for Hiudson County Real Estate, Looking to keepp a close eye on Hoboken property Values, as well as the downtown Jersey City real estate Market As they both will be key performance indicators to the overall Hudson Real Estate Market.


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