Buyers Facing Challenges In Todays Market

by Linden Moe on July 19, 2012

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RE: State Of the Market Address

Houston We Have a Problem….

According To Data Composed From The Local Multiple Listing service And The New Jersey Tax records..

Inventory in the local Area is down by over 20% with over 59.1% going under contract

Buyers in todays market face some unique challenges…

From out of nowhere Rising Home prices..

to the Transition from a buyers  to a sellers Market……

Todays Home Buyers are Increasingly frustrated By This changing Market And The Typical Realtor Results…

Thats because Unlike Expert Home Buying Advisors the typical realtor..

Doesnt Have a PROVEN ,..Repeatable Sytem For Getting The Buyer The Right Home At The Right Price…

With the Least Amount of Headache and Hassles, Saving the Buyers TIME and Avoiding COSTLY Mistakes…


In Todays Market Smart Home buyers Need a Smart Homebuying Strategy..

Heres a few things Smart Homebuyers are using in the changing market…

1. A Team of Expert Advisors… On Your side..

Real Estate Expert Negotiator

An Expert Real Estate  Attorney

Expert Mortgage Brokers And Bankers

Expert Certified Home  Inspectors

2.  Ways to Beat out other Buyers to the Newest and Hottest Listings First…

Getting first access as soon as a home hits the market,,

Get access To ALL the homes By ALL the real Estate Companies…….

including Motivated sellers, divorce sales, fire sales, foreclosures and short sales…

3. Experts to Manage the 96 Things that can go wrong during the homebuying process…….

Experts to help you manage the 79 steps… involved… in the process…

The hundreds of documents involved in successfully closing on your home…….

Getting Any Of These Wrong will result in very costly mistakes and buyers possibly losing out on thousands of dollars..


In Todays Market the Typical Realtor Will Cost You Thousands of dollars…….

You Need An Expert Home Advisor On Your Side…

Here’s How Expert Home Advisors Work thats Way different from the typical realtor

1. CONSULT.  The Expert Home advisor is a consultant and trusted advisor.. While

the typical realtor is a salesman..  This means expert advisors ask the tough questions

that typical realtors like to avoid..  So they can help they clients. and tell them the truth


2. Expert Negotiation and Specialized Market Knowledge……..

The Expert Home advisors Are Expert negotiations and have intimate knowledge of local Market Conditions..

While the typical realtor just opens doors and just present offers..

Expert advisors Educate Homebuyers on Local market conditions so they can erite an offer that gets accepted and NEVER risk over paying for a property……


3. Masters Of Managing the Transaction……..

Expert Advisors will manage the entire transaction and over 96 variables that can go wrong

during the homebuying process ..Inspections, appraisals , lending changes, and the hundreds of pieces of paper

involved in a transaction..the typical realtor doesnt manage these variables, and leaves it up to the other

professionals or even worst leaves it up to the homebuyer to manage these variables……..


Thats why when big time investors like Donald trump and Warren Buffet buy Real Estate..

They hire an entire team of expert advisors..that work for them..

If You want a team Of Expert Advisors And NOT typical Realtors With typical results..

Apply For Our Smart Homebuyer Advantage Program……..

1. Unlike typical Realtors.. We Do NOT work with just anybody..Its hands On And we are Limited to who we will work with.

2. Unlike Typical Realtors.. We give you the right to Cancel at any time.. This is the hassle free. Presuure Free .. No Sales Zone

3. Unlike typical Realtors..  We work in a team to make sure your Homebuying Process and Smooth and Hassle free..


Are you Ready To Get Expert Advice and Guarantee Results?

Apply Today..  To see if We are a good fit for you..

3 Things that can happen..

1. You may have the option to hire us…

2. Or you can choose to Not hire us..

3. Or we can decide its not a goood fit…

And any of the above is fine.. No Presure. No Hassle. No Obligation.

That sounds fair? Well then Lets get started…



With No Cost. No Obligation. And You are Never obligated to buy..





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