Hudson Real Estate Market Report 2013

by Linden Moe on December 21, 2013

Hudson County Real Estate Update 2013

Hudson County Real Estate Market 2013

Hudson County Real Estate Market


Lets Recap the Hudson County Real Estate Market 2013


Lets look at the market over view and recap some numbers… Its been a crazy year… in Hudson


Lets look at wether prices went up or down. For this overview we are looking at the 2 leading indicators…

Condos and Single families… This Report Includes Jersey City, Hoboken, West New York, Union City, Weehawken, Secaucus Condos and all Single Family Homes for sale in the greater Hudson County Real Estate Market.

It gives a solid 1000 square foot view of the real estate market in general in ..Lets Examine the Hudson County Real Estate Single Family Market

Prices are up 30% over last year… This means that buyers who waited from last year paid 30% more for a house this year…

The same house that they would have bought for $215,000 last year they paid $280,000 this year,

Thats what our investor clients was busy doing while retail buyers sat out the market waiting…

And with another price increase coming due to sever lack of inventory..Its a safe bet to do the same…

Lets look at supply vs demand….there was 25% LESS homes available to even choose from.. and that wont likely change

Another key Indicator you can see here in the transition to sellers market is the asked to sold ratio.. Last year Sellers in 2012 was on average only getting 91% of asking price.. now they are getting 94.8% ... due to more competition amongst buyers and investors

fighting for shrinking homes available on the market…. This will be more competitive into 2014,.. So Beat out the other buyers,,early

Now Lets Look at the Hudson County Real Estate  Market 2013…Condos…

First Stat that jumps off the page is sales are up 25% .. 25% more Hudson Condos Sold than in 2012...

Another indicator of the pent up demand…. with there being 7.9% less hudson county condos to choose from…

Some more key stats that jump off the page.. buyers who waited paid $25,000 more to buy a 2013 vs 2012..

Buyers who did not wait was able to buy a condo on average at $405,000.. While The buyers who waited paid $426,000 more.

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you can also compare more hyper local stats… against each

Downtown jersey city real estate market stats 07302 vs hoboken real estate market stats 07030  

Journal square real estate market 07306 Vs Jersey city heights real estate market 07307 

Union City Real Estate Market Stats 07087 Vs West New York Real Estate 07093

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