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by Linden Moe on May 25, 2010

Crystal Pointe Jersey City

 2 2nd St, Jersey City, New Jersey
Hudson Exchange Crystal point jersey city

Crystal Pointe Jersey City Prices from 450,000- 2,000,000

Description – Pre construction. Condo tower. 43 stories. 269 luxury condo units. Waterfront location. Crystal pointe has faboulous manhattan views is great waterfront location
Address – 2 2nd St, Jersey City, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07302 Google Map Mapquest Map

Crystal Pointe Condos Amenities , oh yeah, this building has the mother load of all ameneties,

they have a pool, 24 hour concierge services, valet parking, anazing views, spa, resort,

the good about crystal pointe is its location and spectacular views in the building, which are quite frankly amazing. it is a true waterfront building, which adds to its mystery and allure.

the ugly about crystal pointe is its super high price per square foot which is closely getting up to

manhattan prices. At some point if you are going to charge that much ,you might as well buy in manhattan right? However if ts true downtown jersey city luxury you want then this is where you will find it.

Also most of crystal pointe’s affordable luxury units were sold well in advance during pre-construction, so whats left are the extremely, high price per sq foot homes like the 2 bedrooms facing manhattan.

The crystal pointe condos prices seem to be out of line with todays market and economy. Despite this, crystal pointe is selling well and maintains the lead when it comes to sales.

They are actively selling and obviously somebody is buying, maybe you. Just a word of caution, make sure you hire your own buyers representative and go there with your own rep. This way you can insure that you get the very best deal. Make the right choice and buy with complete confidence.

You need to watch out for people removing the mortgage contingency before you buy at crystal pointe condos and be sure that you do your own due dilligence before you buy there.

In the biggest investmentment of your life a good buyers agent can make sure you are getting the best deal by researching crystal pointe condos prices thouroughly and examining the competition closely.

Crystal Pointe Concierge Service

Crystal Pointe  Lobby restaurant

Crystal Pointe  Valet Parking

Crystal Pointe Energy efficiency provided by hidden heat pumps

Crystal Pointe Fabulous pool

Crystal Pointe Rejuvenating Crystal Spa 

Crystal Pointe Fitness center

Crystal Pointe has Relaxing Lounge 

Crystal Pointe Entertaining Game Room

Crystal Pointe Screening Room

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