Waldo Lofts

by Linden Moe on September 13, 2011

Waldo Lofts Jersey City Condos

Waldo Lofts Condos

Waldo Lofts Jersey city[/caption

Waldo Lofts Jersey City

Waldo Lofts review

Waldo Lofts Jersey City Condos

Welcome to beatiful waldo lofts a great part of the downtown jersey city condos buildings. This beatiful building is everything you would come to expect in downtown jersey city living. And just a short walk to the grove street path station.

Waldo lofts boast 15 foot ceilings, exposed brick, stainless steel appliances and more. The building itself starting with the lobby is a true work of art with pictures and art gallery right there in the lobby.

Waldo lofts the space,..you really cant get more space than this for your money. Most of the 2 bed 2 bath units at waldo lofts has spaces ranging from 1100 to over 1800 sq ft of space. This is open lay out floor plans.

Most of the units here have spectacular floor to ceiling windows, which allow for an amazing amount of sunlight in your unit. Its extremely hard to find rare gem for what you get for your money.

now lets talk about the area itself nestled just one block to the grove st path this amazing building is a short
walk to shopping, resturants, the path station, the jersey city waterfront , bars and more.

If real estate is location, location, location, waldo lofts has all 3 in abundance. Imagine how enjoyable your commute will be now that you get off the 15 minute ride to manhattan, then just walk less than 5 minutes to the grove st path station.

Its quite the unique location,..so finally an affordable luxury space for less than the normal luxury prices. Waldo lofts is definitely unique amongst it peers because of that same reason,..just an amazing beatiful amount of space for less.

It doesnt get much better than this if you are looking for space plus affordability in the downtown jersey city condos market. this is why we are giving a huge thumbs up to the jersey city luxury building waldo lofts.

Downtown jersey city is certainly on the come up , and that stands to remain true for future value. In fact any luxury building such as waldo lofts will definitely be where the return on invest is as the market heats up.

Here is why any downtown jersey city condos building that is located close to the waterfront, close to the path stations, and close to shopping resturants and more…

will always be able to command high rents from the nine million plus new yorkers right there across the hudson river. This gives Waldo lofts a great future forecast as a rental and real estate investment vehicle. In fact just to show how easy it is to rent downtown jersey city condos..

The building on washington street just a few blocks away..leased over 100 units in 6 months at full premium rental value..meaning a whopping 3200 for a 2 bedroom. Which as we know is more expensive than simply buying a unit at waldo lofts.

So imagine that, you can rent for 3200 and pay over 150,000 to your landlord over five long years. or you can invest that money in yourself and your hardearned equity. We have a high grade for future values at Waldo Lofts.

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