Gulls Cove

by Linden Moe on September 13, 2011

Gulls Cove Jersey City Condos

Gulls Cove Jersey City Condos for sale

gulls cove jersey city

gulls cove condos

Gulls Cove is a great part of downtown jersey city condos , collection

When talking about downtown jersey city condos buildings you must mention one of the best..located in downtown jersey city waterfront is the gulls cove building.

this building is by the same develper as trump plaza and metrostop. Situated on the water off Grand st, by the Liberty harbor buildings. Gulls Cove is of the highest construction and meant to withstand the noise pollution from the light rail.

Sporting breath taking views of manhattan and the waterfront this is a good as it gets..with the south facing units enjoying statue of liberty views. Gulls Cove beatiful location gives it serenity. All within a short walk of the grove st path station.

Will Gulls Cove Jersey City Lose Its Views?

Be aware that Hilton owns the lot to the south. as we all know with a last name like Hilton.. In the future these views surely will be blocked. However it doesnt take away from the beauty of this amazing waterfront building.

Gulls Cove has Smart Home Technology

Boasting smart Home technology and brand new appliances and all hardwood floors,,..Gulls Cove Condos  definitely one of the luxury out of the jersey city condos set. One of the things that makes this building great is the amenities.

Who else wants a 24 hour concierge take packages at all times. Order you a cab, order you some food and greet you at the door. They also have a super small putting green in their outdoor terrace. This is more just to play a lil golf than anything else. They also have a fitness center..Well more of an excersise room really.

Its definite still a highly reccommended building for those who want to enjoy luxury waterfront living with quick commute to nyc. Because that what makes downtown jersey city special in its own way.


Gulls Cove Jersey City Condos

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