Homebuying Offer Process-10 Easy Steps

by Linden Moe on June 1, 2010

Looking to make an offer?
Here is the 3 things you will need and
the simple 10 Step Process we use to make dozens of successful offers each and every month and year.
1. A pre-approval from any lender (proof of funds)
2. A copy of a check made out to our attorneys escrow account in the amount of $1,000 (Good faith deposit).
3. A signed offer to purchase in contract form,….on the contract  please write in   your info name  and address on the top line, initial each page, sign first and last page.
 scan  or email the  contract and above items to Lindenmoe@yahoo.com  or fax back to 201-221-7712
I just need to know
1. How much is the offer?
2. How much do you want to put down?
3.How soon would you like to close
important notes, you are  not locked in and we can continue to look at properties.
you will not have to send your check until your offer has been accepted.
Your check will not be cashed until you authorize the attorney to do so.

Oh by the way… Here is the homebuying process in 10 steps or less………..

In the state of Nj the process is pretty straightforward.


1. Make offer

2. Seller agrees to offer..

3. Buyer signs contact contract

4.seller signs contract.

5. Attorney review both attorneys get involved.. addendums ,etc….

6. Inspection -negotiations of items found.


8.commitment issued by lender.

9.. Title ordered

10.CLOSE-Get keys!!

Below you’ll find a list of people that you will need during the process that you can obtain a no cost consultation.., courtesy of us…… And at the end is a checklist of the process of buying a home A-Z ,that buyers have found helpful.
Let me know if you have any questions we helped six buyers buy thier first home this month alone and can answer any questions you have about the process,……………. or what going on with the market today.
Mortgage Broker
Amy T. Mannon
Sr. Mortgage Planner/FHA Specialist
106F Centre Blvd..
Marlton, NJ 08053
  866.636.8111  866.636.8111    866.636.8111  866.636.8111 ext. 107 (toll-free)
856.872.4333 direct fax


Real Estate Attorneys


Lee Lederman
Lederman ESQ.
  732-424-9388  732-424-9388    732-424-9388  732-424-9388


Orlando Molina Esq
  718-234-5598  718-234-5598    718-234-5598  718-234-5598




Jay Parker
Action Home Inspections


Linden Moe Linden Moe  (103 Posts)

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