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Hoboken realtors Making the Right Choice

Hoboken realtors Making the Right Choice..Choose Hoboken Realtors Who Are Experts

Hoboken Realtors How Do you choose?

When choosing hoboken realtors,..How do you choose the right one? Well that does depend on your goals and hopes. What is Hoboken realtors job..Depends on if you are buying or selling.
For instance in you are buying you want to choose hoboken realtors who represent the buyer..or know as a buyers agent

The job of a buyers agent is to act as trusted advisor and protect the buyers interest at all time.. such as getting the buyer the best possible home at the lowest possible cost. As a buyer you want to avoid hoboken realtors who represent the seller. Why? Its simple.. Hoboken realtors who represent the seller..job is to get buyers to pay the highest amount for the home possible.

Hoboken realtors the difference

There is a difference in Hoboken realtors who represent the sellers and who represent the buyer. Consider this if you were being sued in court, would you use the person who is suing you? Probably not right? Why? Because you know that petrson is not in your best interest.

It doesn’t stop there..say you are a buyer you do an inspection,.. do you expect hoboken realtors who represent the seller to watch out for you and your best interest? Or the seller? Who hired them? That’s like playing in the superbowl and the coach representing both teams..a little bit tricky right?

Hoboken realtors that try to represent both buyer and seller


Hoboken realtors that try to represent both buyers and sellers are called dual disclosed agency. While legal in new jersey, did you know that in most states its illegal. Now why would it be illegal in those states? Because it can get real tricky real fast. Like how can they represent they seller properly by giving the buyer the best deal.?

Negotiating tactics, and why choosing the right kind of hoboken realtors work in your advantage. the right can kind of agent can save you up to $57,789. When buying the average hoboken condo,. Most of the realtors in hoboken that represent the seller, don’t really want you to know about the home down the street selling for 100k less. Its not because they are evil, its just because these hoboken realtors are trying to do a good job for their seller.

Hoboken realtors That are Hoboken Real Estate Market Experts

When you choose hoboken realtors who represent you and your own best interest you get the advantage of them going in to this objective.. and therefor they will look at the hoboken real estate market overall and give you the truth.

The best hoboken realtors that represent buyers will actually did in the tax records and find out how much the seller paid for it, how much they paid and try to find any advantage they can to get the home at the lowest cost possible.

the best hoboken realtors in the case of the buyer will use every negotiation trick in the book, they will try to get you some concessions, they will try to write the contract in your favor. they want to build in a ton of escape clauses , so that you can get out of the deal if you had to.

Hoboken Realtors- The right questions

If you are looking at hiring hoboken realtors , if you are a buyer please make sure that you hire a realtor who represent you and not the seller.Some really savvy questions hoboken buyers are asking hoboken realtors are..

1. Who do you represent mr or ms hoboken real estate agent..the buyer or the seller.
if they say both. RUN and get your own representation.

2. Who hired you? Was it the seller?

3. If I want to get this home will you negotiate for me to get the best price?

4. During the transaction and at inspection will you negotiate against the seller on my behalf to get these things taken care of?

5. If the appraisal comes in low..will you negotiate the price down even further?

Now if these hoboken realtors, answer these questions positive..they just violated they fiduciary responsibility to the seller. They are willing to work against the very person who hired them. Now if they are willing to cheat on their own sellers..would these hoboken realtors  cheat on you?


Most likely the answer is yes. So when searching for hoboken homes for sale..choose Hoboken realtors wisely.

The best hoboken realtors will not disclose you anything and will tell you , that you should find your own representation. That realtor in hoboken is at least a very honest agent who is telling you the right thing to do.

Hoboken Realtors Are Not All created equal..

Its a fact that all hobboken realtors are not created equal ..so ask lots of questions to see you is a hoboken real estate expert and who is not. Do these realtors specialize in hoboken condos? Or all Hoboken real Estate? Ask them , in order to make sure you are using a hoboken real estate expert,


Choosing Hoboken realtors is important choose wisely. When ever possible you want the realtor who reperesent you and your intereset at all times good luck when choosing hoboken realtors.


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